• About Scenic Route

    Scenic Route Jewellery celebrates you and eternal love; both for our Earth and the connections we make along our journey.

    Designed and handcrafted ensuring each piece is inherently uniquejust like you — I believe jewellery should be a true reflection of your story and celebrate: enduring love, taking the path unknown, and personal accomplishments.

My jewellery is proudly...

  • Artisan Made

  • Recycled Precious Metals

  • Conflict Free Gemstones

  • Heirloom Quality

  • Made in Canada

  • About the artist

    What would you say if I told you that Instagram made me do it? No, really! The reason you’re here, reading this, is because of one inspiring late-night social media scroll in 2013. I even have the Facebook post to prove it.  I fell in love while watching a video of a jeweller working at her craft: designing, hammering and refining each piece of gold by hand. 

    So when I also found Kootenay Studio Arts in Nelson, BC on Google that serendipitous autumn night, I felt it in my bones that I had found my calling. Me being me — just a little bit on the adventurous side and with a passion for art and working with my hands — I enrolled and started my journey to becoming a goldsmith and entrepreneur.

So here I am with a grateful heart, doing what I love creating for those in love! It’s my purpose to help others find beauty in a meaningful and intentional way, and jewellery is how I express that. I want to celebrate those moments of victory, especially the ones that represent the most important story of all: Love. I can’t wait to see where the journey takes me next.

xo Brittani

A few of my favourite things...

  • Being a mama to my twins

  • Growing flowers

  • Designing new rings

  • Creating memorable client experiences

  • Laughing with my husband

  • Sipping delicious tea

  • The Scenic Route Studio

    Nestled in the rolling hills of Kelowna, BC’s bountiful orchard and farmlands is my home studio. Natural light dances off ethically sourced gemstones and brightens my workbench, while the window overlooks my planter box and mint Adirondack chairs. It’s either a quaint comedy streaming on Netflix or a Spotify playlist for company. This is my happy place; my personal dream made reality where I design, hammer, set and finish yours to come true.

It's Time to Take the Scenic Route!