Sam and Graham - A Scenic Route Jewellery Proposal

Sometimes proposals can be a huge surprise, and sometimes couples propose together. This life is all about doing what feels right and most genuine to you and your partner.  Seeing couples get to live out that dream, no matter what it is, is when my heart truly melts!

silver wedding band and moissanite engagement ring

Sam and Graham proposed to each other in February of 2021 with two of my pieces. One was an Elevation Ring (You can check it out, here!) and the other was the stunning one-of-kind Summit ring with a cushion cut moissanite pictured below. (If you want to know more about why I will always be a huge proponent of a moissanite stone, there's a blog post coming soon!)

Supporting a local business while representing all the adventures they had been on together during their relationship was an important part of picking rings for Sam and Graham, which is exactly what drew them to their Scenic Route Jewellery pieces. 

As a funny side note... Sam supported me by more than just purchasing a ring from my business! When Sam came to pick up her ring from my home studio, my dog got out and was running around the neighbourhood. I was franticly trying to get her back, but Sam came to the rescue with dog treats she had in her car and helped lure her back home. Talk about support! 

The next year Sam and Graham had a backyard wedding planned for 2022, but one thing was missing. A wedding band for Sam! We got to work together once again and designed a simple band that sat perfectly in the contours of her engagement ring. This ring was the perfect addition to her simple and elegant stack! 

silver and moissanite mountain engagement ring

I hope you enjoyed learning a bit about one of my amazing Scenic Route couples! If you'd like to pursue a custom piece check out my "Custom Experience" page to learn more. I look forward to hearing from you!



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