Scenic Route Jewellery 2022 Gift Guide

2022 Scenic Route Jewellery Gift Guide: 

We all know from personal experience that finding great gifts for people you love can be great and fun when it's going well, and very stressful when it's not! Here is the 2022 Scenic Route Jewellery Holiday Gift Guide to take the guess work out of your holiday shopping! Let's make the people you are buying for feel seen, understood, and valued with a gift that feels sentimental, personal, and is, of course, beautiful! 
Need a bit more help? There's even a bit of guiding info about who these pieces would be great for! Check it out. 



1. Milestone Necklace - $40-$60

"Life is a journey filled with little moments that you later realize changed the course of your path. Each one, good and bad, is meant to be cherished. The Milestone Necklace celebrates each one and is the perfect layering piece or alternative chain option for any Scenic Route pendant." 

This simplistic and beautiful piece is perfect for the sentimental person in your life who has had some big life changes in the last while. If you have one in your life, you know this is then perfect gift and story for them! 


 2. Leaf Studs - $40

"The delicate leaf is simple for everyday wear so you can keep your love of nature close to your heart, always."

For all our nature lovers out there! You know the person in your life who loves being outside and isn't afraid to shout it from the rooftops (in a beautiful, dainty kind of way!) - this is for them! 


gold mountain ring stacker

3. Gold Peaks Ring - $90

"My signature mountain range ring celebrates perseverance and is meant to be a reminder that grounding in nature can offer you unlimited inspiration."

This is for all the goal oriented and inspiring people in your life. This ring will remind them of their strength and their positive influence on the people around them. 

4. Growth Ring - $90 

"This ring tells a very important story: Your story. Each ring symbolizes a year of growth for a tree, and stamped in silver, let this talisman serve as a tangible reminder of this amazing journey you’re on and guide you when you need it most."

For all the people in your life who value their growth and evolution each passing year - especially the people who love to have that growth marked by the holidays and a new year! 


5. Gold Growth Hoops - $95

'Each ring symbolizes a year of growth for a tree, and set in yellow gold, let these hoops earrings be a touchstone of everything you’ve endured; a special memory, a challenge, together a collection of moments that symbolize the growth you’ve undergone.

May they serve as a tangible reminder of this amazing journey you’re on and guide you when you need it most.'

Another beautiful reminder of the journey we are on all while enduring the ups and downs of life. This piece is great for the sentimental gold lover in your life.


6. Silver Altitude Ring -$125

'Celebrate scaling all of life’s peaks and valleys with the Altitude Ring.'

Do you have someone in your life who has faced a major hardship this year and is about the conquer their personal mountain peak? This ring is for them! This ring serves as a great reminder that when we are down, the only place to go is up! 


7. Kelowna Necklace - $150*

"Created out of love for my hometown, Kelowna, BC! Evoking sunny, Okanagan lifestyle vibes, the Kelowna necklaces features the view of Okanagan Lake, Knox Mountain, and our iconic bridge.'

Well, this is an easy one! Do you have a Kelowna lover on your list? Whether Kelowna is their beloved home town or their favourite place to escape to, this piece is the perfect reminder of a place that has their heart. Not to mention it's part of my "Gifts that Give Back" program.

*15% of the proceeds from this necklace goes to the Ki-Low-Na Friendship Society to give back to the people who were here before us and made it possible to call this land our home.


8. Orca Pendant - On sale for $199!

"Highly social, Orcas (or Killer Whales) are known to symbolize harmony, community, love and protection while traveling. Lovingly hand-engraved with layered mountain and wave details ensures each one is unique."

This piece speaks for itself. This piece is for anyone in your life who you feel brings you harmony, community, love, and or protection. A hand engraved & unique symbol of your love and appreciation for their role in your life. 


9. Rose Gold Moissanite Ring - On sale for $699

"When inspiration strikes, it can't be ignored. The beauty and joy that comes from it is something to strive for. Here is a ring that came from my two hands when I answered the call of my soul."

Does someone in your life inspire you? If so, this is an especially special gift for them. This is a unique & one-of-a-kind piece that will make it into the hands of it's perfectly special person this season. 


Hopefully something in this blog post (or even multiple things!) has struck a cord with you, and has helped you check off those special people on your holiday list. There really is nothing better than seeing your loved ones open a gift that they not only think is beautiful, but that makes them feel loved. 

Sending all of our best wishes, holiday cheer, and gratitude, 

 from Scenic Route Jewellery! 


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