Why This Necklace Is So Important

This morning before I did anything else, I steeped myself a cup of tea, sat down as the sun rose, and asked myself, "How will 2020 be perceived in years to come?"

Surely it will be seen as a year of sudden change and adaptation.
A year of over-coming adversities and of drastic personal growth.
Will 2020 be associated with a feeling of fear and bereavement?
Or perhaps a year one will look back on with forgiveness and understanding.
A year of learning, unlearning, fighting, loving, dreaming and creating.
You are entitled to feel any which way. I invite you to look back on this year with an open heart.
As I see the seasons shift and the cold months roll in here in Kelowna, I am reminded of the power of slowing down. To me, that is one of the more important lessons I have learned this year. That one must give themselves patience and
trust the process.
So as I entered my studio today, I did just that. I sat at my bench, trusted my process, and simply let my saw and scribe flow and chose not to reference any previous designs. I felt playful while making this piece. As I finished scribing the final ring of the tree, I picked it up to inspect my work, and it all made sense!
If you have a close look at this piece, you will see 7 rings. 7 is a symbol of growth, overcoming, intuition, completeness, and perfection. It is also a representation of beginnings and endings, of light and dark, of beauty and blight.

We cannot have one without the other. These are cycles and much like nature, we have cycles too. Much like the cycle of a new tree growing from a nurse log, we learn from our past, our ancestors and grow.
When I finished polishing this pendant, I knew it was a narrative piece. A piece that tells a very important story... Your story.
What are your 7 rings?
What have you grown from this year?
What cycles have you lived through and matured from?
How has 2020 challenged you?
How has it blessed you?
I hope this necklace will help you lean into all of this year's moments. May it serve as a tangible reminder of this amazing journey you're on and guide you when you need it most.
Give yourself patience. Be kind to yourself and trust that you will grow in time and on time.
I feel like this is what the world needs right now.

sterling silver wood tree slice pendant that represents personal growth and accomplishment.

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