Scenic Route Jewellery is Featured in Rocky Mountain Bride!

At the beginning of 2020 I had this dream and goal of being in the Rocky Mountain Bride magazine. I didn’t think much of how that would happen, and just focussed on the feeling of that collaboration becoming reality.

One day I opened my inbox and there was a new email from RMB. Because I had opened & read their newsletters in the past, I almost deleted this particular one without reading it because the information included typically doesn't pertain to me because I’m not a bride or photographer... But something inside told me to stop and go back and read it. When I did, I was excited to see they had a call for designers… Ring designers!


So I hopped on Canva and made a presentation explaining why I would be the perfect addition to their ring designer feature and hit Reply. 🤓

Unfortunately I didn’t hear anything back... But I thought to reached out to Sarah (okngeventsgirl) a local girl here in my city who had just become the Canadian Sales Manager for Rocky Mount Bride. She kindly let me know they hadn’t even gotten my first email...(gah!) but that she was the right person to get into touch with! I'm so glad I thought to reach out again. 

They were more than thrilled to include me in this special feature, especially since my mountain wedding rings and engagement rings are the perfect fit for their audience!

Now here we are, 6 months later, and I am so excited to be sharing with you this feature! I'm so happy with how it flowed together, definitely feels meant to be!

I had such a blast creating this batch of rings for the photoshoot. I highly recommend checking out the styles that are available in the shop right now. They are one of a kind and and oh so beautiful!


You can check out the digital version of this issue right here! My feature is on page 32.

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